The Omen

…she smiled, and that was certainly an omen… the omen have been awaiting without even knowing he was for all his life.


Colors of Life


Love is not ordinary. Love is beauty. Love is something that you can not see, but you can feel it in the air, in the waves. This is the story of people that give a new meaning to the word love.

The Bond

There is an invisible bond that holds people together. A bond that needs to be taken care of, and work for it everyday. This is the story of a couple that has managed to stay together for 50 years… and still stay in love.

Happily ever Alk


There´s no answer into the sea or on the earth that will tell us how to find the love of your life. It happens when you least expect it. And all of a sudden, everything changes… your plans and your expectations are reorganized to take a new path. And your hearth is filled with joy because you know that there´s someone taking you hand, and never letting you go.

Yvette & Vo

There are lessons that shape ourselves. That teach us to appreciate and love the people around us and to learn to be better. And sometimes, life itself has surprises for us. When someone special comes and join us to walk this incredible path.

Marisa & Erick

A magical thing when 2 people see each other… and they feel something that can´t be explained. When that person helps you to be better every day. When that person make you realize that the world could be a nice place to live.

Pieces of Life / Pedazos de Vida


A Piece of Life it´s a small part of this extraordinary adventure called life. It´s a memory, experiences lived in a few hours, days or years. A Piece of Life is like a moment captured inside a bottle throwned to the sea sending a message to the universe, looking for connections. Is this moment that we’ll loose as soon as we finish reading this line. Is that motion picture that does not stop in time.

Un pedazo de vida es una pequeña parte de la aventura extraordinaria que tenemos día con día. Es un recuerdo, una experiencia vivida en unas horas. Un trozo del cual recordaremos lo mínimo si no se captura. Un pedazo de vida, es ese instante dentro de una botella de vidrio lanzada al mar que envía un mensaje a la inmensidad, buscando conectar. Es ese instante que perdemos en cuanto terminamos de leer esta frase. Es esa imagen en movimiento que no se detiene ante el tiempo.