What happens when a couple is face to face without saying a word? I have always thought that words are powerful, but this time, something changed. These two can see through each other, they can feel each other … this is the most amazing experience that I´ve ever had.


Que pasa cuando pones a 2 personas frente a frente sin hablar?. Siempre he pensado que las palabras son poderosas, pero esta vez, algo cambió.  Esta pareja pueden ver a través del otro, sentir al otro… hasta ahora, ha sido la experiencia más impresionante que he visto del amor

Happily ever Alk


There´s no answer into the sea or on the earth that will tell us how to find the love of your life. It happens when you least expect it. And all of a sudden, everything changes… your plans and your expectations are reorganized to take a new path. And your hearth is filled with joy because you know that there´s someone taking you hand, and never letting you go.

Yvette & Vo

There are lessons that shape ourselves. That teach us to appreciate and love the people around us and to learn to be better. And sometimes, life itself has surprises for us. When someone special comes and join us to walk this incredible path.