Trash The Dress – Dee & Os

” I believe that love has many faces. you always expect that moment when someone propose to marry, and when the time comes, is like if someone else is watching over you and whispers… ” you have to say yes!” Dee

“Es así como lo lees en los cuentos, como lo ves en las películas, creo que el amor tiene diferentes facetas. Siempre esperas el momento que te digan ” te quieres casar conmigo…”  y cuando llega ese momento es un preguntarte… realmente está pasando? como si alguien te estuviera viendo desde afuera y te dijera:  ya! ya! tienes que decir que sí. “

Happily ever Alk.


There´s no answer in the sea or in the earth that will tell us how to find the love of your life. It happens when you least expect it. And all of a sudden, everything changes… your plans and your expectations are reorganized to take a new path. And your hearth is filled with joy because you know that there´s someone taking you hand, and never letting you go.

This is the beautiful story of Alice and Micah, who will live… happily ever Alk.