Hannah & Shane

A romantic, fun, unexpected, emotional day. It´s always a surprise what is going to happen in every wedding day. Hannah was saying all the time that Shane wasn’t going to cry… but he did. Emotions are everywhere, every couple is unique, that´s what we love about weddings!!

El Sabor de la Vida

Una historia sobre lo cotidiano, lo normal. Y como lograr que esas pequeñas cosas que creemos cotidianas se vuelvan algo maravilloso cuando tienes con quien compartirlas.


A story about daily life. And how to turn routine activities become into something beautiful when you share them with that special person.

The Time


Hay momentos en la vida que nos unen para siempre sin que podamos evitarlo. Momentos que nos ayudan a ser mejores y a entender que es lo mejor que nos pudo haber pasado.


There are moments in life that bind us together. Moments that help us to be better and to understand that it is the best thing that could have happened.